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You’ll need Adobe Reader to view and print these versions of the online modules.  Enjoy!


Self-Study Guides

Self-Study Guide


Earn CARES credit by going on Learning Adventures and completing the Self-Study guides.  Each fully completed guide qualifies for CARES hours.


Preschool Learning Foundations
The purpose of California's Preschool Learning Foundations is to provide the child development field with research-based competencies—knowledge and skills—that we can expect most children to exhibit in a quality program as they complete their first or second year of preschool.


On the Go
The “On the Go” materials include 14 activities designed to be used outside the home:  in the car, while walking, during bus rides, etc.  The activities encourage early language and literacy development from birth through preschool.  They are appropriate for children with disabilities as well as children who are developing typically.


Whole Child Education
The Whole Child Web site supports the work of The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) to support a broader definition of achievement and accountability that promotes the development of children who are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. The Web site includes resources, tools, and an online community.


Why Do Kids Run and Jump?
Exchange Every Day, an organization dedicated to the exchange of ideas among leaders in early childhood programs, explores the issue of “taking play seriously” on this Web page.

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